About Us

North Renfrew United Landowners

Protecting private property rights in the United Townships of Rolph, Buchannan, Wylie, McKay and the United Townships Head Clara, Maria.

About Us
The North Renfrew United Landowner Association is the newest chapter of the OLA. The NRUL was formed in 2014 to be a Unified Voice to address issues and concerns that are involves with private property and property rights within Ontario and our community. The NRUL was established by President Frank Burke who originally formed a steering committee to initiate a local landowner association for the North section of Renfrew County. The NRUL and OLA, is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers and supported financially by donations and memberships. We gratefully acknowledge the support of our donors, members, volunteers and Guest Speakers, whom without we could not operate

Our Mission
We facilitate learning opportunities for our membership so that they will better understand their Property Rights in order to take the appropriate actions to protect, sustain and grow their personal and business assets.

We will conduct ourselves in a manner that demonstrates our commitment to work with all levels of Governmental Departments, Business , and the many Stakeholder Organizations who have a mandate in land, water or air. We believe that involvement of all key players will lead to the ownership required to be successful in meeting our mission.

Ontario Landowners Association

The North Renfrew United Landowners is one of the 23 chapters of the Ontario Landowners Association. The OLA is the largest, most effective organization dedicated to protecting private property rights.

The Landowner movement began in 2003 in LANARK County and rapidly expanded as groups organized. In 2006, an umbrella organization called the Ontario Landowner Association was formed to support the local chapters. Today, the OLA continues to grow in both size and challenges.

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