Frank Burke, president of the North Renfrew United Landowners (NRUL), welcomed everyone to the NRUL Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Jim Gibson presided over the nominations and election of the executive for 2018. The following positions were filled by acclamation: Frank Burke remains as President, Bess Burke is the Secretary, Janis Gulens is the Treasurer, Larry Anderson is a Member at Large and Dawn Jeffries is the Reporter at Large. The position of Vice President was not filled.

Janis Gulens, NRUL Treasurer, gave a detailed financial report of the association’s income and expenses. A successful yard sale and quilt raffle were largely responsible for the substantial increase in net income during the year. Betty Condie and Larry Mahoney had previously reviewed the books and found that everything was good and in proper order.

The cost of a NRUL membership increased by $10 to $60 in 2018. The Ontario Landowner Association (OLA) receives $25, the local association receives $25, and the OLA legal fund receives $10.

The discussion then turned to new goals in the future with suggestions for topics and guest speakers. The Managed Forest Properties program was a topic of interest to the audience. Managed forest properties are taxed at a rate that is 75% lower than the residential tax rate. A member of the audience confirmed that he received the 75% reduction in tax rate and all he had to do was complete a form reporting his progress every five years.

An answer to the question, “have land patents been used to win any court battles?” was another suggestion for a topic of interest.

Lacey Rose, Renfrew County Forester, was suggested as a speaker. Two years ago the County went out to tender to cut trees in managed County forests and there were no bidders. Contractors were contacted and they could not get cutting crews, which never used to be a problem in the Ottawa Valley. Most of the cutting crews are from Quebec.

In other news, a new landowners group has started in Bobcaygeon. Sturgeon Falls is again trying to start a new group.

Mark Breckon